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Few drinks bring back so many memories and are as warming and relaxing as a cup of steaming hot chocolate. It works just as well in front of the fire as in the sledding hill or why not as a dessert after a good dinner? Here in mugs and cups from Arabesque with a candy cane as a drinking stick.

Many of us have fond memories of hot chocolate from our childhood. How warm and nice it was to hold your hands around the hot cup when you were out on a long walk or skiing. Become a child again with a cup this winter. All you need is cocoa, sugar and milk. But for a truly luxurious feel, add whipped cream and top it with crushed polka flavoring and finally decorate it with a polka dot stick. When the candy cane melts, it adds a nice minty flavor to the chocolate.  

Basic recipe per serving
2 dl milk
2 tsp sugar
2 tsp cocoa

For the garnish
0.5 whipped cream
Crushed polka dots
Polka dots

Stir the sugar and cocoa into some of the milk. Pour in the hot milk and stir. Serve with whipped cream, crushed polka dots and a stick.