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Late summer party with fresh harvest and Arabesque

Extend the summer and let the garden, park or balcony be the perfect place to capture warm days and beautiful evenings. Here are some tips to make it even more inviting to sit around the table.

Create a colorful table with freshly picked flowers and freshly harvested fruit alongside colorful Arabesque ceramics and colorful food and drink. 

It doesn't have to be complicated dishes to make guests feel good. A beautiful presentation of the table does the job. Create a personalized table setting with a few beautiful details that will make guests take a second look. The picture invites you to hang out in the garden and you really want to go and pick from the table. Beautiful bowls from Sthål with fresh fruit go well with a piece of cheese and good bread. Plates and saucers in different glazes add life. A large bouquet of flowers draws the eye, as does a carafe of red. This is anything but strict - it's all about conviviality for a relaxed afternoon and evening with good friends.