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Sallalalalalad is summer's melody

Even the ancient Romans feasted on salads. We at Sthål have followed suit and made bowls in the Arabesque series for large and small parties, suitable for both hot and cold salads.

The Romans are said to have enjoyed raw vegetables with a dressing made from oil and salt. The word salad probably comes from sal which is salty in Latin. 

In summer, we need the saltiness and feta cheese is perfect. Try mixing it into a large salad with watermelon and other melon varieties. The saltiness and sweetness is a delightful combination. Together with a few basil leaves, some seasonal vegetables and a few drops of olive oil, this is a wonderful summer food that is also beautiful to look at. 

A potato salad is also perfect when you have many guests. It also goes well with most things - both meat and fish. Boil the potatoes, chop some onion and some dill or parsley. Mix in the mustard vinaigrette and sprinkle with some capers. That's it. Serve in a large ceramic bowl from Sthål.

Did Julius Caesar eat salad?

You, like many others, may think that Caesar salad had something to do with Julius Caesar, but that's not the case. A likely explanation is that Caesar salad was created by a man named Caesar Cardini in the 1920s. He was an Italian immigrant who ran restaurants in San Diego, USA and Tijuana, Mexico. The salad became a success and spread to the rest of the world.