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What do cake, pizza and canapés have in common?

Yes, everyone likes the same plate. Maybe not at the same time, but you can see how useful the Round serving plate/Pizzaplate in the Arabesque series is?

It may be called a pizza plate, but it is suitable for so much more. As a tray, a cake plate for both a delicious sandwich cake and a tasty dessert. 

And if you want to make the party extra summery, decorate with edible flowers. Violets, lavender or a rose? Of course, make sure the flowers are edible and not sprayed. Roses have a floral taste. If you have plenty of rose bushes at home, you can take the opportunity to dry the petals and save the summer's splendor for the parties in the winter. If you want to sweeten the leaves, you can candy them with whipped egg whites and sugar.