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Small dipping bowls are perfect instead of egg cups at Easter. Spring is approaching and with Easter we're adding color to the table. How about serving delicious egg halves on our platters in different beautiful glazes?

They are quick and easy to prepare and can be varied endlessly. Once decorated and ready, slide them into the Easter table on a beautiful platter.

Why complicate things when simplicity is so delicious and inspiring? Eggs are an obvious choice for Easter - stuffed egg halves belong on all our Swedish holidays and also on all our ceramics.

Enhance the experience by serving them with extra care. At a mingle party, the small dipping bowl is perfect for small dishes such as a luxurious egg half. The small bowl rests nicely in the hand and looks beautiful as colored little Easter eggs on the table.

With caviar in different colors, shrimp, mayonnaise, dill sprigs and lemon, you can create an Easter decoration that will make people want to celebrate at your house.