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Let the food, music and table setting make Valentine's Day something special. Whether it's breakfast, coffee or dinner, the atmosphere can make love happen. Isn't it great to feel extra pampered?

Four tips for a successful Valentine's Day

On February 14th, there are a few things that make love flourish. Here are four tips from Sthål. 

  1. Choose colors and tones that suit your home. Let napkins, ceramics and decorations work together in harmony.
  2. Offer well-prepared food that tastes like love. Why not a Lady and the Tramp dinner with a plate for two - just like the famous Disney movie. The menu will be meatballs in a rich tomato sauce served with pasta. Mmmmm.
  3. Roses. Yes, if it's Valentine's Day, then roses are in order. Set the table with a big catch, sprinkle rose petals over the table setting. Should a rose fall off - reframe it in a small Arabesque dip bowl and the table will be in full bloom.

  1. Last but not least - the music! If you're serving meatballs in tomato sauce, Italian tunes are in order. How about Bella Notte (it's actually a love song) or maybe L'Italiano, I found my love in Portofino or O Sole Mio? Make your playlist - it will be useful on February 14, year after year.