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Build a conversation piece!

Why not build your own conversation piece? Here we have built up the height with ceramics from Sthål's Arabesque series. Layer by layer, the table's highlight is built with cups, plates, flowers and fruit. Here is a creation with all parts in the Fig glaze - or figs as we say in Swedish.

Create with what you have at home. Here we have chosen to build with five parts from Arabesque. At the bottom is our large round pizza dish also called Round Serving Plate. The next layer is a cup without an ear that has been turned upside down. On the cup is a carpet plate and on the carpet plate is an upside down Lattem mug from Arabesque. At the very top is a Assiette. All in the same glaze. 

Once you've built the foundation, it's time to add what you have at home. Fruit, berries and greenery are always beautiful to look at. Feel free to mix twigs, moss or dried straws from the garden or wild nature. Vary and play with different colors. Just like our ceramics, your conversation piece can be varied endlessly. Good luck with it!