Comfortable ceramic furnishings

Fine vases and lovely jars with lids are decorative elements that give a room soul. Beautiful ceramic objects that spread a sense of humour and a pleasant atmosphere.  

Vases and jars for decoration

Alongside the ceramics for the table setting, we have carefully selected furnishings that we think help to create atmosphere. What makes you feel good, you often want more of. Something that really makes us feel good is nature. Items that bring nature into the home are not only decorative, but also have a positive effect on our well-being. Fine vases and fabulously beautiful ceramic jars have therefore become part of our range. They become a tasteful part of the interior.

Decorative vases for fine bouquets

Take in nature. Is there anything more beautiful than bringing flowers into your home? They add soul and atmosphere to a room. Flowers are life and care. Beautiful vases create the mood you want and the bouquets stand steady and beautiful. Group several vases together and make an exciting arrangement with flowers. Or let the vases live a life of their own as beautiful ornaments. Sthål's Salon series does just that - with and without flowers. They are decorative however they are used. 

Ceramics for big and wild

With ceramic vases in beautiful retro design, you will have room for stately and grand flower arrangements or wild and free bouquets. The vases are decorative furnishings that create a sense of well-being. Useful when you want to decorate the festive table with several small vases of just the right size so as not to obstruct the view. With the right size vase, you can see all the guests around the table. Salon vases give your home that extra touch. 

Lift the lid for more nature

Decorate with more decorative ceramic items. Beautiful jars with lids inspired by nature. Fabulous pieces of art where the sculpted lids are crowned with acorns, hazelnuts or cones. All of the beautiful lidded jars are taken from John Bauer's popular illustrations. The series of decorative burners is called Glänta. They are characterised by that pleasant calm. Lift the lid and you'll find room for your secrets. Glänta is the perfect friend for those who love the Swedish forest and nature. 

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