Choice by Sthål

Choice by Sthål - matte cutlery for good taste

A collection with beautiful design that complements and fits perfectly with Sthål's ceramics. So tasteful that we can't help but catch them. That's Choice by Sthål. 

Cutlery for interesting parties

Our great interest and passion for the table setting knows no bounds. We explore and try new ways to inspire and see how inviting, pleasant and cosy it can be? As we create products for dining and socializing around the table, we encounter other beautiful things along the way. Some fit so well with our own collections that we've given them a collection all their own called Choice by Sthål. 

Perfect for Sthål ceramics

With our backgrounds as stylists and designers, we have a trained eye that detects anything that adds to the mood. We're at home in the ceramics workshop. We know it well and there we dare to challenge the material and think in new ways. When it comes to stainless steel, we are not as well versed in the knowledge of materials. However, we can immediately see what is beautiful and matches what we already have. So when it comes to cutlery, we've brought in beautiful stainless steel cutlery that can be used again and again. Our cutlery has that little bit extra to be called Choice by Sthål. 

Setting the table with cutlery for comfortable dinners

An atmospheric table setting and good food go hand in hand with carefully selected cutlery. They should be beautiful to look at and comfortable to hold. The Rocco and Celta cutlery ranges are in stainless steel with a matt finish that is dishwasher safe. The antique green look comes from the stonewashing of the cutlery, which gives it this special finish that matches the ceramic so well. Tasteful down to the last detail and setting the mood all the way. They are comfortable to grip and sit comfortably in the hand. Definitely Choice by Sthål. As with our ceramics, the two sets of cutlery can be mixed and matched just the way you like. 

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